Legal Walk – 9th October 2018

This year we have once again decided to take part in the Legal Walk, Liverpool. The walk is ran by The North West Legal Support Trust to help those who need legal help but who cannot afford to pay the costs that so often come with the advice and help. We have all benefitted from legal advice at some point in our lives whether we know it or not. Most areas of our life will require a solicitor to help us whether it is to buy a house or to make a valid will so our last wishes can be followed and achieved. The aim of the NWLST is to help the poorest and the most vulnerable people in our community who access to justice is out of their reach. Please see below the link to the NWLST website to see for yourself the valuable help they provide across our community.


If you would like to donate please find our fundraising page below. Every penny raised will go to this valuable charity and to making a difference to those who need it in our society.


We thank you for getting behind us as we get behind fighting for justice for all!

October 2018


Meeting with Help for Heroes – 24th September 2018

On 24th September 2018 Womens Lawyers Division, Chair (Amelia Hayden) and Charity Co-ordinator (Kirsty Weyman) met with Help for Heroes (H4H) West Midland’s Representative, Dean Williams to discuss WLD future relationship with the charity.


During our meeting, we discussed fundraising ideas, visit to the Recovery Centre to see where fundraising money goes, inspirational speaker to attend our WLD event and accessing promotional items to promote the charity.


To contribute to our own funding raising ideas (to include WLD Charity Quiz in March 2019) Dean was able to give us plenty of food for thought when it comes to fundraising ideas, such as:        



On behalf of WLD we look forward to developing our relationship with H4H & more importantly raising lots of money to help support our injured Service men and women!

September 2018


Legal Ladies of Liverpool – September 2018

As part of our celebrations for the centenary event in 2019, we and the national Law Society want to know about the work of the ladies in your firms over the past 100 years to help build a history of the legal ladies of Liverpool. Email into and tell us the following that apply to you:

  • When was your organisation established? Tell us a bit about you.

  • When did you hire your first female staff member? What role did she hold?

  • What year did your organisation recruit its first female trainee/equivalent?

  • What year did you firm have its first female associate/equivalent?

  • What year was the first female trainee taken on as a solicitor? What area did she qualify in?

  • What year did you promote the first woman to senior associate/equivalent?

  • What year did you promote your first woman partner/equivalent?

  • What year did you recruit in your first woman partner?

  • What year did you promote a woman to the management board?

  • What year did you have a female managing partner/company secretary/general counsel?

  • What year did you have a female senior partner/equivalent?

  • Who was your first female business owner and when did this take place?

  • What year did you have a female head of office (regional or HQ)?

  • What year did one of your female lawyers become a Queen’s Counsel/Judge/Magistrate/Commissioner?

  • Which of your female legal professionals have received accolades for services to the law? What was the accolade, why did the individual(s) receive them and when?

  • Tell us about other ‘female firsts’ in your organisation if they are not covered by one of the questions above.


Go take a look at who celebrate women in the legal profession by raising awareness of their history and to inspire future generations of female lawyers.

September 2018